How to get the archive password

So, as I’ve stated in the introductory post, my goal is to provide these discussions as a resource for CS Educators (or researchers, I suppose.  But it’s really done from an educational point of view).  What I’m not interested in doing is providing solutions to people’s homeworks.  There’s enough of that out on the internet already.

On the other hand, as someone who is- shall we say- not unfamiliar with procrastination, I know that it’s pretty likely that people will be designing assignments on a short timeframe, and thus asking me for a password to look at each post when you need to see it right now isn’t very helpful.  I’m also aware that password-protecting each post will make it less likely people will bother to look here.  I’m not doing this for fame and fortune, but it would be nice to not scare off everyone from reading here.

My solution is to just password-protect entries that are not on the first page.  I’ll also only put passwords on problems that are not already solved in the G&J book.  That way, everyone gets to see the 20 or so entries on the front page, to see what this is about, to use for assignments or whatever.  But then as time goes on, the older posts will be replaced by newer ones, and as they go back into the archives, you’ll need a password to see them.  Hopefully that has some of the best of both worlds.

My plan is to give out passwords freely to anyone who has a legitimate use (my picture is CS faculty at other schools, but if other types of people are interested, that’s fine).  If you’d like the password, please send me email, remove the extra “@” sign, and include in the email some way of showing you’re a teacher and not a student (a link to your faculty page at your school, for example).  I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.

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